Cotten's Barbecue Catering

From Robstown, Texas...A South Texas Tradition!


Cotten's Barbecue, a famous tradition in South Texas with a unique taste known throughout the state and beyond. 

In 1947 Joe Cotten, our dad, opened his place in Robstown,  TX, as a beer joint and gambling hall.  Back then gambling was only a misdemeanor and Dad added barbecue to keep his customers from getting hungry.  He served the food on butcher paper. 

When gambling became a federal offense a few years later, Dad turned his attention to smoking meat full time, using the mesquite that grew plentifully in the area around Robstown.  He continually tweaked his recipes until the barbecue became among the best served anywhere in Texas.  The sauce alone took eight years of tinkering until he had it right.

The popularity of his food grew and he moved the restaurant to much larger building, the "new place," in 1968.  The new place could, and often did, seat over  360 people. 

Let Cotten's Barbecue cater your next party, graduation, wedding, corporate event or business meeting. 

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Cotten's Barbecue Menu

    • Meats

    • Mesquite Smoked Meats

      Our dad had a simple rule with food. It had to be made with the freshest  ingredients.

      We offer brisket, sausage, ribs and chicken. We use Joe Cotten's seasoning for the brisket, ribs and chicken. The sausage is made from the traditional Cotten recipe and made only for us.

      All the meats are smoked over mesquite.  All are served with the barbecue sauce that is a South Texas legend.  This  unique, chunky sauce is made with bits of tomato, onion and peppers.

    • Sides

    • Sides

      All of our sides are from Cotten's traditional offerings. You can choose among pinto beans, potato salad, green salad and a new offering, cole slaw.

      All of our meals come with sliced sweet onions, sliced tomatoes, pickles, jalapenos and sliced bread (wheat and white).

Whatever the occasion, whatever the number of people you invite, Cotten's Barbecue can make your party, graduation, wedding, corporate event or business meeting memorable with South Texas' best barbecue.

To get Cotten's to cater your next special occasion, call Cecil Cotten:



Also ask about our beverages and desserts.

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